Hengyi Celebrates End of Year Family Day

Hengyi Industries, Empire Golf & Country Club. 15 October 2016.  In conjunction with the People’s Republic of China’s National Day and the upcoming Christmas & New Year festivities, Hengyi Industries thru the Corporate Communications department organized its annual Family Day event at the Muara Beach on Saturday 15 October 2016.


Staff members and families were feasted to a day of live cooking with menus such as lamb chops, chicken, fried noodles, prawn fritters and Teh Tarik. It was a day of fun & games with plenty of prizes on hand.

Also present during the event were Hu Yuan Hua, Deputy General Manager & Director of Human Resources from headquarters.  

A total of 85 staff members and their families turned up for the event.

“It is a good platform for staff members to mingle and get to know their colleagues and spouses in a social environment. It creates a sense of belonging for everyone especially with the diverse background and cultural differences at Hengyi Industries” said Sheikh Rashid Salam, VP Corporate Communications. 



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